Some websites where to buy seeds

This is a post for all the people that love to play in the garden or like permaculture, a list of websites where to buy seeds.

Some of the websites are in english, others in italian.

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The right vegetables for all seasons

I took a post from Spesa 2.0 with the list of vegetables, broken down by month. I added the Albanian and English versions.

I remind you that the consumption of seasonal vegetables helps to lower environmental pollution (less consumption of fuel to heat/cool the greenhouse for cultivation) and provide a greater amount of fiber, minerals and vitamins.


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Zend Framework Uploadify Extension

Interesting extension of Zend Framework to handle file uploads with library jQuery Uploadify.

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Apache Lucene Eurocon Barcelona 2011:
Published presentations

Over 300 participants have arrived in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, to attend a two-day conference full of interesting presentations

Search + Big Data: It’s (still) All About the User

Architecting the Future of Big Data & Search

Realtime Search at Twitter

Portable Lucene Index Format & Applications

Adapting Ajax-Solr to Compare Document sets

Configuring Mahout Clustering Jobs

Solr 4 Highlights

Improving Solr’s Update Chain

Archive-It: Scaling Beyond a Billion Archival Webpages

Search Analytics: Business Value & BigData NoSQL Backend

Just the Job: Employing Solr for Recruitment Search

Multilingual Search and Text Analytics with Solr

Relevance at Cengage: English & Non-English Content

Scaling Search at Trovit with Solr & Hadoop

Lessons Learned: Refactoring a Solr-Based API App

Natural Language Search in Solr

Securing Documents in Solr with Manifold CF

Improved Search with Lucene 4

Enterprise Search: FAST ESP to Lucene Solr

More Powerful Solr Search with Semaphore

Lucene Today, Tomorrow & Beyond

Designing Mobile Search

Solr on Windows: Does it Work? Does it Scale?

The Many Facets of Apache Solr

Search, REST & Play! Video Discovery

Text Analytics in Enterprise Search

Heavy Committing: Flexible Indexing in Lucene 4

Understanding & Visualising Solr ‘explain’ Information

Solr at Virgin Money Giving

Randomized Continuous Testing: Solr and Lucene Use Case

Solr on EC2

Better Search Engine Testing

Solr @ Etsy

Morphological Analysis and Named Entity Recognition for your Lucene/Solr Search Applications

Java 7 and Lucene: the story behind the story

Navigating Subdocuments with Solr

Powered by Lucene: IBM Content Analytics with Enterprise Search

Solr performance monitoring

To view videos and get more details on each presentation you can connect to the official website:

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MoMA Botanicalls adds to its display a permanent collection of works

The MoMA (for those who don’t know is the famous The Museum of Modern Art) has approved the addition of Botanicalls to its permanent collection.

The project uses the same chip of Botanicalls Arduino and allows an interaction between plants and the outside world.
Link to the original article.

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Redis 2.4: Impressive decrease in memory usage

Robert Schultz, published a post with a comparison of the use of memory between Redis Redis 2.2 and 2.4

Link to the original article.

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How to use MongoDB with Amazon Web Services (EC2)

Interesting presentation on how to use MongoDB with Amazon’s cloud computing services


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Aquaponics, the various modules

A brief detail of each module to be used in the aquaponics system
- Module of containment
Could be in the open field, on land, usually using a greenhouse, in this case will be used something which is customized. I did not even think of what to do, but I thought of something like plastic sheeting to keep the temperature at acceptable levels during the night.
- Module of the main production
Use two tanks called “above ground”. The dimensions are indicative of four meters by two meters and seventy centimeters in depth. One tank used for fish and the second for the shrimp and plants (fruits and vegetables). Most likely a series of small tanks will be used for physical filtration and biological waste generated by fish and shrimp.
- Module of heating
Use a tub, not yet decided its size to store water heated by the sun. To heat the water one should use a tube placed in a spiral, as this minimizes the space.
- Module of cooling
I  thought of a small refrigerator powered by a 12-volt, initially this form will not be implemented. It is not even said that it is necessary since the water temperature may not exceed a temperature of 25 degrees celcius.
- Module of control and management
In a good aquaponics system both the pH and electroconductivity of the water should be checked. In the project, I have decided to use a microprocessor controller to automate most of the control processes (e.g. water temperature) and management (e.g. food for the fish tanks).

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Which plants could be usedwith theaquaponic system?

Below, is a short list of plants used in my aquaponic system(they are in no particular order).


Currently in my aquaponic system, I use: garlic, arugula, tomatoes(cherry tomatoes, the short ones) and basil. I am preparing for the future to use: onion, peppers, mint, sage, watercress andzucchini.


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Try membase and you will not want to use memcached again

I do not know if you have ever used memcached to speed up your websites, as a good solution, but when you start to have more servers, it happens that sometimes memcache is limited.
Recently, after reading an article in rynop Blog, I wanted to try membase (hours and part of the community of couchbase, an excellent database NoSQL) and I must say that it was much better than with memcached, here is a list of reasons why membase is better than memcached:
* Quick and easy installation in the clustering,
* No changes to application code (usually use PHP with PECL extensions). If you use all the advanced features of membase it still would need to slightly modify the code,
* Dynamic modification of nodes with no data loss,
* Two different types of storage (in membase are called buckets),
- membase;
- memcache.
* Excellent Graphic User Interface (GUI) administration,
* Extensive documentation available,
* Broad community support.

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