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Some websites where to buy seeds

Italian This is a post for all the people that love to play in the garden or like permaculture, a list of websites where to buy seeds. … Continue reading

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The right vegetables for all seasons

Albanian Italian I took a post from Spesa 2.0 with the list of vegetables, broken down by month. I added the Albanian and English versions. I remind you that the consumption of seasonal vegetables helps to lower environmental pollution (less … Continue reading

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Zend Framework Uploadify Extension

Albanian Italian Interesting extension of Zend Framework to handle file uploads with library jQuery Uploadify.

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Apache Lucene Eurocon Barcelona 2011:
Published presentations

Albanian Italian Over 300 participants have arrived in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, to attend a two-day conference full of interesting presentations Search + Big Data: It’s (still) All About the User Architecting the Future of … Continue reading

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MoMA Botanicalls adds to its display a permanent collection of works

Albanian Italian The MoMA (for those who don’t know is the famous The Museum of Modern Art) has approved the addition of Botanicalls to its permanent collection. The project uses the same chip of Botanicalls Arduino and allows an interaction … Continue reading

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Redis 2.4: Impressive decrease in memory usage

Albanian Italian Robert Schultz, published a post with a comparison of the use of memory between Redis Redis 2.2 and 2.4 Link to the original article.

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How to use MongoDB with Amazon Web Services (EC2)

Albanian Italian Interesting presentation on how to use MongoDB with Amazon’s cloud computing services  

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Aquaponics, the various modules

Albanian Italian A brief detail of each module to be used in the aquaponics system – Module of containment Could be in the open field, on land, usually using a greenhouse, in this case will be used something which is … Continue reading

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Which plants could be usedwith theaquaponic system?

Albanian Italian Below, is a short list of plants used in my aquaponic system(they are in no particular order). Tomatoes Arugula Zucchini Chive Peppers Watercress Parsley Sage Basil Cucumbers Lettuce Peas Eggplant Onions Garlic Spinach Beets Celery Chicory Coriander Citronella … Continue reading

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Try membase and you will not want to use memcached again

Albanian Italian I do not know if you have ever used memcached to speed up your websites, as a good solution, but when you start to have more servers, it happens that sometimes memcache is limited. Recently, after reading an … Continue reading

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