Chi sono

I live in Tirana, Albania and work as Regional IT Manager (managing the Balkan region) at the Delegation of the European Union to Albania. I’m originally from Milan, Italy.

My professional and personal interests include Mac OS X related technologies, software development tools, server administration and networking, CSS,  JavaScript, high-level languages like PHP, elegant architectures of APIs/frameworks and software architecture/design in general, software performance optimization, tools like revision control and sysadmin automation (DEVOPS) and build automation tools (Continuous Integration in PHP), openstreetmap, bitmap document generation (PDF), graphical user interfaces, usability/perception/information visualization, aquaponics, technology in general, automation, remote sensing and lots more.

I really like to work on different things, from conceptual work and the next day on low-level solutions.

DISCLAIMER: All information/posts in this blog are my personal opinions, all professional products  (with positive or negative reviews) from commercial companies included in this blog are inserted due their interesting technical solutions (or UNsolutions, not well done solutions) and not due professional relations from my job position.

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